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Philip G. She  - BA (honors) Msc – Head of CGMC

Philip obtained his first bachelor degree in BA (honors.)Business Managementfrom Coventry University. Afterward, he studied in Birmingham Universityin Msc Marketing and successfully got the master degree. Beforestart his university life, Philip has appointed to be a Trainee Production Manager  in  Multivest Properties Pte Ltd in Singapore headquarter from 1999-2000. In theyear 2004, Philip started his career in Vodafone Ltd base in Coventry Branch UK on the pos-ition of Business Customer Advisor. In the earlier 2007, Philip returned back to China and jointed Comlux family as the head of CGMC.

Eunice H. Cai - Domestic Sales Departments

Eunice graduated from Hanshan Teachers  College  in  year  2003. In the same year, She started her career in a China leading Sanitary ware Manu-facturer as a position of manager assistant in the sales department. In year 2005, Eunice became  a member  in  Comlux  Family as a part of domestic sales department under CGMC.  Eunice’s professional working attitude has won a lot of praise from Comlux management team and also Clients.

Kim J. Cai - Head of Quality Control

Kim joined Comlux family straightly after he obtains his degree from Univer-sity of technology, South China. As a member of Comlux, Kim still works in the Quality Control team. After five year’s practices, Kim became the Head in Quality Control team. His scientific inspection methods have brought the revolution to the Comlux quality control procedures.

Jonelyn Wu - General affairs

Jonelyn firstly started her career in Comlux accounting department as trainee accountant. After CGMC has been founded, she has been internal transfer to CGMC as head general affairs.