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  • 'Toilet waterfall' goes on display in Foshan. Why, Foshan?

    China has a funny affinity for toilets. From the questionably designed public restrooms to the toilet-themed restaurants, we've seen our fair share of shitters. But between Anhui's luxury bathroom modeled after the US Capitol Building and this "toilet waterfall" in Guangdong, we can't help but feel like the toilet-worshipping has gotten grotesquely out of hand.
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  • "The Spring of Intelligent Bathroom" was held in Xiamen, China

    During the 2015 Spring Festival of China, there was a hot trend of buYING intelligent toilet seat from Japan. Suddenly, the topic of "Intelligent Bathroom" or "Intelligent toilet" stirs up. It seems that the intelligent bathroom is going to be a huge market and trend in the following years, but is that really so? If so, what kind of regulations and rules do we need in order to ...
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  • Charity: Water Raises Funds and Informs

    Around the world there are currently one billion people without clean water to drink. Boston College Charity: water is a new campaign on campus aiming to inform people about the global water crisis and raise money to build a well in Ethiopia.
    [2011-11-20]Click to enter
  • Water in the green economy

    Water is one of the most pressing challenges facing society today. If we continue along the same path, experts predict that the amount of water needed by humans could exceed the amount available by as much as 40 percent by 2030.
    [2011-12-31]Click to enter
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